Capabilities and Experience

Korzen Health  has proved itself to be an outstanding, results-focused consulting organization whos team members are dedicated to providing outstanding client services.  The team provided highly valued counsel in terms of provider compensation analysis, contract structure and current market conditions.

Edmond Banayan, MBA, MSIMC 
CEO/Co-Founder Chronaly Inc.

They have helped support many of my groups with working on physician leadership roles in an efficient and time sensitive manner.  I would recommend Korzen Health to any Healthcare Groups, Systems or Providers that are looking for a strategic partner.  The team was able to create a plan based on our local market conditions, which was directly tailored to our needs.”

Dee Haddock, 
Practice Manager

“Korzen Health was an integral part of my career transition, and I give them my highest recommendation to other potential clients.”

Paula Habib, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Americas at Sirtex Medical Limited

“Kent is a diligent and committed executive with proven skills in talent management and healthcare operations. He is mission-driven and creates teams that perform exceptionally well, particularly in dynamic and challenging environments. What a pleasure to work with!

Russell Holman, MD
Chief Medical Officer
LifePoint Hospitals

“Kent is a highly experienced executive with many years managing all facets of hospital management and healthcare delivery, yet he is still creative and innovative with fresh approaches to an ever changing healthcare landscape. Kent has the added bonus of being a genuinely good person and is a great guy with whom to work.”

Doug Mefford
Managing Counsel
Vanderbilt University Medical Center